post 3

For I am not only an Almighty God of love but also of war and I have decreed war upon MY enemies. I am going to use you to rebuke the nations that rise up against ME and all that is Holy. These words are not and will not be your own words, for you will know when to speak, and when not to speak. You shall continue to gather together MY Children, taking back what the enemy has stolen, and presenting them to ME.

You are a living sacrifice to ME. The work you are doing is not done in your strength and might, but under MY strength and might. Though you are weary many times, remember to call upon MY strength, MY boldness. Remember to call upon MY courage, MY gifts, for ye shall encounter evil forces. Those practicing evil, praying to other God’s and yet ye shall overcome their curses with MY Blood that was shed for you at Calvary with the word of your testimony and with the word of MY testimony.

When power is given to you, the power of MY Name, Word and Blood use it to defeat the enemy. Rebuke the enemies in MY Name. Don’t ignore them. For ignoring them only serves to strengthen them. Expose the enemy and all the tricks of the enemy and ye shall prosper in ways ye know not of.

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