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You have known much persecution, but know this, the enemies that rise up against you I have not sent. I have not spoken through, be not deceived if they are not lifting you up, they are putting you down. If those that say I am your friend and yet do not support you in small matters, will not be loyal in large matters, be aware not all who say Lord is MY child or servant. Not all who say friend is your friend.

So I say unto ye, you are surrounded with those who say, “But I am your friend,” and yet they know not what the word friendship and loyalty are. They are Judas’ sent to betray you, but I warn you now through your sister, this Prophet, so you will be aware. They have their own purposes; their own agenda’s to promote themselves. Beware for you will see clearly now what you have not seen clearly before. You are given a new gift this day and I speak it forth now through this sister of yours, MY vessel filled with MY RUACH ha KODESH.

What she speaks will come to pass as you read this letter divinely directed into your hands. MY beloved I am giving you a new anointing so you can see into the depths of man’s souls. You will know a greater gift of discernment than before. But you will not like what you see, for there is coming those you thought you could trust and you will find you cannot trust them at all. They are Judas’ in disguise. Beware for they would go so far as to see evil befall you. Yet I tell you when you see this, rebuke them in MY Name and you shall see the enemies run in seven different directions. They shall run for cover for I am also this day giving you a greater gift of boldness.

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